Essential Money-Saving Travel Tips for Beginners

Any plans of taking a break after a few months of stressful work? Then, travelling out of town might be a good idea. To ensure that the hard-earned money will go far, here are some of the budget travel tips to keep in mind:

• Call the hotel first before booking it through the Internet. Though it’s convenient to make travel arrangements online, it doesn’t guarantee to give travellers the best possible deals. It’s recommended to call the hotel depending on the expected time of arrival and speak with a supervisor or manager on duty.

Ask if they can offer an affordable package during the stay. Normally, some hotels would give discounts to travellers who prefer rooms that aren’t as coveted as the others. And for those who are celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries, some hotels offer complimentary upgrades for a night.

• Compare prices of airline tickets. People will prefer to purchase tickets online than over the phone because it’s more convenient. However, it’s essential to make a comparison first by calling the airline and check if the ticket price is similar to what is displayed on the Internet. When purchasing tickets, it’s also recommended to consider the extra fees. Once all of this has been made, go for the one that offers a lower rate.

• Book everything alone. Third parties such as travel agents and booking websites offering services to arrange everything seldom work for free. Normally, there’s an equivalent fee that will go to them. Travellers will save more money by booking each and every element separately through contacting their preferred hotel and airline. By doing so, they will also have the option to contact other choices for price comparison.

• Ask for repositioning cruises or flights. Airlines and cruise lines usually reposition their trips from time to time. it’s cheaper than the traditional trips but also offers similar services to customers. One thing to note though, travel time for repositioned trips may take longer than the usual.

• Avoid travelling during peak seasons. As the number of tourists goes up, the travel cost also does. Though visiting a certain country during Christmas time is a perfect idea, travellers can save hundreds of dollars on flights and hotel accommodations if they can wait to visit once the season is over.

• Share a room with a friend. Stay at the hotel is another essential thing to consider on budget when travelling. There are hotels where room rates for a single person is also the same as the cost of rooms for two persons. Instead taking separate rooms for this situation, why not get a room for two? Aside from the saved money, this will also be a good time to spend bonding moments with a friend while on vacation. Forget about the loud snoring during bedtime though.

• Travel like the locals. As tourists, riding glitzy air-conditioned buses with movies on-board is a convenient option but often comes with a hefty price. Doing this might take away the money that should be spent on exploring other places around the area.

Travelling should not be expensive. All it takes is just the right preparation, timing and budgeting. By keeping all these budget travel tips in mind, everyone can have a wonderful vacation without shedding out too much money from their pockets.

Secrets to a Luxury Holiday With a Budget Tag

Who wishes to say no to luxury? No one does. However, it’s not always easy to afford luxury. This is true when you travel abroad. Even a budget trip would cost so much, and there are endless expenses to look into. Despite the discomforts of economy, we tend to stick to it because the savings are just not enough to sponsor a luxury holiday.

However, it is not as difficult as it appears. Just a little more planning can help you to get closer to your dreams. Here are some ways you can easily afford a luxury holiday, no matter how restricted your budget maybe.

Plan Yourself

It’s not that the travel agents don’t do a fine job when it comes to booking holidays. However, you know your needs the best so it is highly recommended that you book it on your own. It’s surprising how travelers let go of countless opportunities of a luxury break simply because they believe they won’t be able to afford it. The internet is flowing with amazing deals, all you need to do is to plan your trip on your own.

Opt for Shoulder Months

Italy in summertime? Yes, you might as well forget about enjoying a budgeted luxury trip. There are some rules that you have to follow when you travel abroad. To get the best hotels and cheaper airfare, the shoulder months work out the best. During the peak travel months, airlines and hotels get booked readily and naturally the rates are way higher.

Shoulder months are great for traveling to your desired destinations. The weather is fine, there are lesser crowds and you can stay at some of the best hotels without breaking into a bank.

Look for One-Stop Shops

There are several one-stop shop platforms on the internet that bring together deals that help you make significant savings and afford a luxury trip. When you book airfare, hotel or maybe car rental from one place, you make huge savings and get out of the trouble of looking into multiple places to get your bookings done.

However, when you search for travel packages it is best to read through the fine print over and over again and look out for any extra travel costs. Doing your homework on your part is very important because booking travel packages can sometimes be based on impulses.

Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyer programs have allowed travelers around the world to fulfill their travel dreams. You can be among them if you use your miles wisely. Even if you don’t fly around the world, you can still earn air miles through credit card payments or simply eating out at your favorite restaurant. Miles help you earn a better status, upgrade for free and access the finest airport lounges.

Living In Vietnam

Hi I’m here to tell you my boots on the ground experience, about what it’s like to get a job teaching English in Vietnam. I did it and it isn’t easy, so I’ll try to make it easier for you. Now it is time to sit back and relax, to find out how easy, or how difficult it is to get a job teaching English in Vietnam.

Nowadays with the internet, smart phones and Google Play, your world of traveling is a lot easier. But you have to keep up to date with the apps, as new ones are coming out all the time. Like which is run of GPS not data, so you can still find your way around, as soon as you land in Vietnam or any other country. Vietnam is a tourist Mecca, with tourists crawling all over the cities and countryside. The whole of the Hanoi old quarter is full of hostels and hotels, that cater to all levels of expense. From the cheapest hostel at $2.50 soon to be $3.50, to upwards of whatever you can afford. And the whole country is geared for the tourists, with organized tours to where ever you want to go.

And dispersed amongst the tourists are the semi permanent foreign workers, mainly teachers, etching out a living in this beautiful country, with a fair bit of pollution in the main cities, but not as bad as China. It seems the whole teaching system here is, basically going from one school to another. Most teachers ride motorbikes while others take the bus. And they come and go like flies. In the main cities the competition for jobs is fairly intense, but out of the cities they are always on the lookout for teachers.

And some teachers come here with hopes of getting a job, and end up in Cambodia, where it is easier to get a job. Some people come here and crash out on a beach, and just give up looking for jobs. Life in good here. It comes under “How To Live Cheap In An UnCheap World.” And out of the tourist places and big cities, it is still cheap with beautiful beaches. And the joy of modernization is, you can crash out on an idyllic beach, and teach kids in China over the internet. You are not confined to the four walls of a classroom. And if you love beaches, sun, sand and a few beers after work, then this is the country to crash out in.

I have to say it but Vietnam is the place, as you can still get a three month visa. China was the place but now Vietnam is the place. Hong Kong used to be place before the Handover, but it has stayed the same, we could call Hong Kong the baseline. Before, like about 15 to 20 years ago, when you went from Hong Kong into China your went back in time, like about back to the 30s. Now when you go across the border at Lowu you are going into 2020, that’s how advanced China has become in the last 20 years. But some things never change and Hong Kong is one of them.

In China, they usually only give you 30 days in the country, and you still have to get a very expensive visa. A far cry from the three month visas we used to get a couple of years back, that cost next to nothing. As economies around the world are having problems, the visa restrictions are loosening up, but not so in Asia where some economies are booming. In the big cities in China there is a sea of people just spending money and that is what keeps the economy going. When economies start slipping back into a recession or an economic downturn, they tend to live off tourists, and to get tourists they make it easier to get into the country.